Quality Assurance

Ultra Denim standard testing is carried out from the beginning of streamlined denim-crafting process all the way to the finished product. We have laboratory with all Testing Equipments. The products are tested to meet the required quality standards in our Quality-testing laboratory. Finally, fabrics are tested to AATCC, ASTM and ISO standard for a wide variety of attributes, including stability, distortion, skew, stretch ability, tensile strength, pH, color, Shrinkage, GSM, Pilling, Abrasion, Perspiration fastness, Wash fastness and consistency.

It is committed in action to deliver satisfying Products & Services for the present and future requirements of end users. The quality system is so designed with product specification and customers needs that keeps ensuring the maintenance of the product quality standard through the evaluation, Inspection and verification of processes of all stages of manufacture.

Spinning Lab:

It is a fully equipped and computerized lab to analyze any type of yarn with respect to count, pause length, twist etc. Cotton, purchased from a local supplier or imported, is first tested in our labs. The cotton that passes our cotton selection standard are only used for other processes.

Denim fabric Inspection:

Every fabric is closely inspected at every stage. We have strict in house quality control standards which are followed to give the customer premium quality fabric. The fabric is shrink wrapped in polythene bags which is doubly wrapped in poly propylene to ensure that the fabric is safe from any sort of damage caused during the delivery.

Physical Fabric Testing:

Fabric is physically inspected as per international quality standards. Following tests are done in the lab to check the day to day production: Shrinkage testing, weight, width, skew moment and bowing, tear & tensile, PH, colour fastness, stiffness of fabric, hunter lab shade grouping and visual shade grouping.